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Please select your preferred Nutritional Balancing Service: Client (Human) or Animal. 

Note:  Prior to ordering your service, please read the sample Consent, Disclosure and Disclaimer Form (below) as all prospective clients will be asked to sign and return the form prior to receivng the hair mineral analysis kit.  Clients wishing to have a Nutritional Balancing Program developed will be requested to complete a Nutritional Balancing Academy Membership Agreement in addition to the Consent, Disclosure and Disclaimer Form.  The necessary forms will be mailed to you shortly after payment is received.


ALL FEES ARE DUE AT TIME OF SERVICE REQUEST (BEFORE TEST KIT IS MAILED) AND PAYABLE BY CREDIT CARD OR CHECK, NO EXCEPTIONS.  SERVICES ARE NOT INVOICED.  INSURANCE IS NOT ACCEPTED AT THIS TIME.  Refunds will be processed only within the first 30 days following purchase; no refunds will be provided after 30 days. Further, a 5% processing fee will be charged for all credit card returns IF you pay by credit card and then opt not to have the service performed within 30 days of payment.  Test kit must be returned prior to refund being processed.  Any lab fees incurred will be deducted from the refund as well.

If you have any questions regarding our services or payment processing, please feel free to contact us prior to submitting your credit card information.

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